English language courses

The fact that the knowledge of English is an important criterion today in the assessment of a person’s education and ability to communicate doesn’t need to be proven. Every modern personality understands that English helps freely communicate with business partners, makes holidays abroad more comfortable and drastically broadens a person’s possibilities.

In dozens of countries English is considered to be official or prevailing, it has won the leading status among the languages of international importance. Millions of the world’s inhabitants know it perfectly and the same number of people is trying to learn it. The Languages Centre “Speak English” offers to join this exciting process and sign up to take a course in foreign languages. Now, we’re not only in Kyiv but also in Brovary.

Why are our English courses the best?

Unique methodology

Specialists at our centre have developed a unique methodology of learning including:

  • Correct presentation of information and its efficient mastering thanks to combining various methodologies aimed at the result;
  • Possibility to work in a group, voice your wishes as for the learning process, correct the offered plan of classes;
  • Selection of textbooks and supportive literature depending on students’ wishes, their language abilities and preferences of certain authors.

Overcoming the language barrier

The language courses in the center of Brovary are designed to make every client from little to adult successfully pass the course and overcome their existing language barrier.

Individual approach to every student

Considering your initial knowledge, the specialists at the Centre will create a programme of learning suiting your needs only. As a result, with the help of the courses of English a three-year-old child will master the basic knowledge, an older child will undergo a preparation for school, a second school pupil will cope with the exams successfully and pass international testing enabling themselves to land a job abroad on graduation. For adults the courses of foreign languages will open new prospects in their job, will help to feel confident in their professional skills, provide opportunities for professional growth.

Flexible learning frame

Considering your wishes, we offer several forms of learning for you to choose whichever you prefer:

  • Group
  • Individual индивидуальное
  • Corporate

Translation bureau

The Centre of Languages “Speak English” is not only courses of foreign languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian (for foreigners), Turkish, Swedish, Greek etc.) but also a translation bureau. We perform all kinds of translation quickly and qualitatively: written, notarized or certified with the company’s stamp, interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous). Our qualified translators will cope in shortest terms with translations of any difficulty and subject matter: legal documentation, contracts, agreements, technical manuals, medical texts, sites etc.

Convenient location

Thanks to the fact that our center works in Brovary you can easily sign up in the branch which is most close to your house or office.

The Centre of Languages “Speak English” provides a service of an interpreter guide or not expensively at all take an intensive course of all languages which important for specialists constantly travelling abroad on business. Also you can prepare for a holiday far beyond the borders of Ukraine. After taking the course at each level students receive a certificate.

The Centre of Languages “Speak English” is a wonderful opportunity to realize yourself in life and open a door to the world of new prospects and opportunities


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